Katherine Rivera


Katherine is Texas made but was raised in Mexico with her grandma.  She grew up in a small town called Juan Aldama Zacatecas making handmade flower tortillas, chasing chickens and playing in the dirt. Katherine came back to Texas at age 6, she was thrown in first grade without knowing a word in English and graduated from Western Hills School in 2012.  Katherine had no idea what was next. One thing was certain, she wanted to make a difference. She knew in her heart she was meant to help people live with ease, joy and abundance but how? In 2015 she started working for Mr. Valdez who introduced her to Tony Robins and personal development books. Coming from a broken home this changed how she viewed herself, her possibilities, her world. 

Katherine is now our Director of Medicare / Senior Market. She trains and recruits agents who want to help bring ease to the Senior Market by educating them on the options they have, to live a healthier and happier life. 

Katherine is a selflove advocate. She loves spending time with Noah, being in nature and taking pictures of sunsets and beautiful sceneries. She has a passion for dancing, spirituality, learning and sharing. The affirmations Katherine lives by are

 “Everything always works out”

“Abundance chases me”


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